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What’s in your kit, Czech JTAC?

23 Feb 2021 16:23


A Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) with the Czech Air Force’s Special Forces shows us what’s in his kit. JTACs are responsible for coordinating fire support from fighter jets, helicopters, unmanned vehicles and artillery. Their job requires perfect attention to detail. Without them, NATO troops can’t call for help from aerial assets. Interview with an unnamed Special Forces’ JTAC, speaking about the essentials a controller carries in his bag.


With a radio, Joint Terminal Attack Controllers can call for fire support from everything from jets to artillery. What else does a Czech JTAC carry in his bag?


VISUAL DESCRIPTION TEXT ON SCREEN WHAT’S IN YOUR KIT? #1 RADIO #2 RANGEFINDER #3 VIDEO DOWNLINK #4 NIGHT VISION GOGGLES #5 INFRARED LASER #7 GPS #8 MAPS #9 COMPASS #10 WRITING MATERIALS 10 ITEMS ~ 20 KG AUDIO DESCRIPTION -SOUNDBITE- (ENGLISH) Czech JTAC ‘I am a Joint Terminal Attack Controller from the Czech Air Force. As Joint Terminal Attack Controllers, we carry a lot of equipment that we need for our work. The first thing is the radio. This is a long-range radio to communicate with aircraft, helicopters, unmanned aircraft, artillery and ground commanders. Moskito rangefinder binoculars. With this I can find the coordinates, altitude, distance and direction of the target. Next is VDL, or video downlink. When an aircraft transmits an image, I am able to capture it with this camera and I can see the same as the pilot of the aircraft, helicopter or unmanned aircraft. Night vision goggles, which are attached to the helmet. IR, which I use to mark targets for helicopters and aircraft with an infrared laser. VS panel, with which I mark my own position. GPS. Maps, of course. Compass. Writing accessories.

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