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Fighting fires on navy ships (WITH SUBS)

22 Sep 2020 11:03


Firefighting drills are conducted regularly aboard naval vessels to keep the crew ready in case of emergencies. This training took place aboard the US Navy destroyer USS Gridley while it was serving as the flagship of Standing NATO Maritime Group 1.


When it comes to damage control on navy ships, all you have is the crew and equipment on board. Safety is everyone’s job. That’s why a baseline skill for every sailor is firefighting.


-SOUNDBITE- (ENGLISH) CHIEF PETTY OFFICER RICARDO VANN JR., USS GRIDLEY “We have a saying in the Navy: every sailor is a fireman first. That's why when it comes to damage control, it's everyone's responsibility. If there's a damage, if there's any issues, we gotta save the ship. That's why we’re all trained how to do fires. We’re all trained on basic safety and how to save each other, and how to save the ship.” “Whenever we have damages out, lights are out. It's hard to see, it's smoky. We definitely gotta use that teamwork to come together. Get the hose on the fire. Do what we have to do in order to save our shipmates and save our ship.” “We’re the ones that go out, support to make sure that our Allies and ourselves are safe. That’s what we do.” END

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