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#WeAreNATO – The Montenegrin recon team

13 juil. 2020 11:24


Meet the men and women who work every day for NATO. From soldiers to scientists, cyber experts to civilian emergency responders, NATO members are committed to supporting and protecting each other. In 2019, a detachment of reconnaissance soldiers led by Lieutenant Radomir served in NATO’s multinational battlegroup in Latvia. The unit worked with their Slovenian counterparts, together serving as the eyes and ears of the battlegroup. Footage includes shots of the troops during an urban warfare exercise in Lithuania plus soundbites from Lieutenant Radomir.


Montenegro’s reconnaissance soldiers are elite forces who provide crucial information to their NATO Allies. In 2019, a detachment served in NATO’s multinational battlegroup in Latvia.


--SOUNDBITE (MONTENEGRIN)-- LT RADOMIR “To be a member of NATO is important for Montenegro. Every day we work, cooperate and spend time together just as we do at our own units.” Reconnaissance soldiers are specially-selected soldiers. During the selection period, only the most resilient, strongest and smartest are chosen. Montenegro has the smallest army as a member of NATO, but we participate in numerous missions and activities around the world.”

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Date du tournage
26 mars 2019 12:00
Date de fin de tournage
26 mars 2019 12:00
Pabrade Training Grounds, Lithuania
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