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On the road with NATO forces in Poland

29 Nov 2019 09:11


Smooth and rapid movement of troops and equipment is vital for NATO operations. So how does the Alliance move its gear quickly—throughout NATO countries and across borders—while also keeping civilian motorists safe on public highways? This video features a unit of Polish Military Police officers and showcases the work that they do to maintain road safety during military operations and exercises. During exercise Noble Jump 2019, the Polish Military Police’s Zagan Section escorted a force of 2,500 German, Dutch and Norwegian troops and 1,000 vehicles as they tested their ability to deploy swiftly to Eastern Europe. Video includes an interview with Snr Warrant Officer Piotr Malinowski, Polish Military Police, as well as footage of Dutch and German armoured vehicles crossing the German/Polish border and Polish Military Police vehicles preparing to assist in road movements and driving in convoy.


How does NATO move its troops quickly and safely along public highways? Meet the Polish Military Police, who work hard to keep the public and the military safe during NATO exercises.


AUDIO DESCRIPTION SOUNDBITE IN POLISH Snr Warrant Officer Piotr Malinowski, Polish Military Police ‘We’re at the borderline between two worlds. The military world and the civilian world. The moment we take over responsibility of a military convoy we ensure their safety and the safety of all other road users. One of the main tasks we perform to keep the public safe is helping move the troops and vehicles of our Allies during military exercises. For example, during the NATO exercise 'Noble Jump'. We make sure they arrive at their destination safely and securely.’ END

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