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24 Jan 2020 16:53


For 20 years, NATO has had an active military presence in Kosovo. Today, the NATO-led international Kosovo Force, or KFOR, continues to play a key role - helping maintain peace and security in Kosovo. KFOR’s mission is to contribute to a safe and secure environment, support the development of a stable, democratic, multi-ethnic and peaceful Kosovo and help with the development of the Kosovo police and security forces. NATO takes a look at how the Alliance’s role in Kosovo has developed, working with local communities, training with the Kosovo Police and conducting crowd riot control training.


Learn how NATO’s Kosovo Force (KFOR) continues to help support the development of a democratic, multi-ethnic and peaceful Kosovo.


1. (00:00) US EXPLOSIVES ORDNANCE DISPOSAL (EOD) TEAM MEMBER IN BOMB SUIT WALKS TOWARDS CAMERA AT CAMP BONDSTEEL IN KOSOVO 2. (00:05) VARIOUS SHOTS – US EXPLOSIVES ORDNANCE DISPOSAL TEAM MEMBER 1st LIEUTENANT TAYLOR MARTIN CONDUCTS TEAM LEADER CERTIFICATE EOD TRAINING AT CAMP BONDSTEEL IN KOSOVO 3. (00:27) VARIOUS SHOTS - US EXPLOSIVES ORDNANCE DISPOSAL TEAM TRAINS WITH KOSOVO POLICE ON RANGE IN KOSOVO 4. (01:02) WIDE SHOT – CAR IS BLOWN UP IN CONTROLLED EXPLOSION DURING EOD TRAINING 5. (01:09) VARIOUS SHOTS – SWISS LIAISON AND MONITORING TEAM (LMT) PULSE PATROL WALKS THROUGH MITROVICA/MITROVICË NORTH SHOWING VISIBILITY AND INTERACTING WITH LOCAL PEOPLE 6. (01:22) VARIOUS SHOTS – SWISS PULSE PATROL MEETS WITH MANAGER OF THE COMMUNITY BASED REHABILITATION CENTRE IN MITROVICA/MITROVICË NORTH 7. (01:39) VARIOUS SHOTS – MEMBERS OF FINNISH LIAISON AND MONITORING TEAM MEET WITH MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC 8. (01:56) VARIOUS SHOTS – ITALIAN MEMBERS OF KFOR VISIT LOCAL KOSOVO COMMUNITIES 9. (02:08) VARIOUS SHOTS – SLOVENIAN LIAISON AND MONITORING TEAM VISITS LOCAL COMMUNITIES 10. (02:17) VARIOUS AERIAL SHOTS – HUNGARIAN SOLDIERS FROM KFOR TACTICAL RESERVE BATTALION (KTRBN) CARRY OUT CROWD AND RIOT CONTROL (CRC) TRAINING AT CAMP NOVO SELO IN KOSOVO 11. (02:37) VARIOUS SHOTS – HUNGARIAN SOLDIERS FROM KTRBN PRACTISE CRC AND FIRE PHOBIA TRAINING AT CAMP NOVO SELO 12. (03:11) WIDE SHOT – US MEDICAL EVACUATION HELICOPTER FLIES OVER CAMP BONDSTEEL 13. (03:18) VARIOUS SHOTS – KOSOVO POLICE MARCH DURING PARADE IN PRISTINA 14. (03:34) VARIOUS SHOTS – POLICE UNIT WITH KOSOVO SERBIAN AND KOSOVO ALBANIAN MEMBERS PATROLS IN A PRISTINA NEIGHBOURHOOD 15. (04:08) VARIOUS AERIAL SHOTS – PATRIARCHATE OF PEĆ/PEJË MONASTERY NEAR THE CITY OF PEĆ/PEJË IN KOSOVO 16. (04:23) VARIOUS GENERAL VIEW SHOTS – BUILDINGS AND CITY LIFE IN PRISTINA 17. (04:36) VARIOUS SHOTS – PEOPLE IN PRISTINA 18. (04:44) VARIOUS AERIAL SHOTS – PRISTINA 19. (04:53) VARIOUS SHOTS – THE TOWN OF MITROVICA/MITROVICË IN NORTHERN KOSOVO 20. (05.35) VARIOUS SLOW MOTION SHOTS – SERBIAN AND ALBANIAN FLAGS 21. (05:43) SOUNDBITE (ENGLISH) - JONATHAN PARISH - NATO DEPUTY ASSISTANT SECRETARY GENERAL FOR OPERATIONS “The conflict in Kosovo did not come suddenly. Its origins lie in the repressive policies that were pursued by the Milošević regime. Throughout the crisis there had been numerous attempts to solve the conflict through diplomatic means. Meanwhile, the conflict had created this dire humanitarian crisis. It was threatening the stability of the region, and the security of the region, and NATO’s intervention was therefore necessary.” 22. (06:12) SOUNDBITE (ENGLISH) – 1st LIEUTENANT LUCA JARRELL, KFOR LIAISON AND MONITORING TEAM “Now we’re in Mitrovica/Mitrovicë North. This is the majority of Kosovo Serbians living here. What we do is to feel the pulse of the population and make the bridge between the KFOR and the population. Some days people have more issues, some days they have less, but in general people regard us as welcome, I would say.” 23. (06:31) SOUNDBITE (ENGLISH) – MAJOR ATTILA NAGY, KFOR TACTICAL RESERVE BATTALION “We haven’t conducted CRC operation yet during our tour, but of course we have to improve ourselves for a real situation. That’s why we conducted these types of trainings.” 24. (06:44) SOUNDBITE (ENGLISH) – SERGEANT 1st CLASS BENJAMIN AROLD, KFOR EXPLOSIVES ORDNANCE DISPOSAL TEAM “We find a lot of mortars, projectiles, old submunitions, that kind of thing. Sometimes mines too.” 25. (06:51) SOUNDBITE (ENGLISH) – ISLAM UKA, KOSOVO POLICE “Because this is a very dangerous job so you have to be all the time under caution so you don’t make any mistake.” 26. (06:58) SOUNDBITE (ENGLISH) - 1st LIEUTENANT TAYLOR MARTIN, COMMANDER, KFOR EOD TEAM “If they get called on something, then we need to know what they’re capable of so that if the worst happens and we get called in as a back-up, then we know what we’re going into.” 27. (07:08) SOUNDBITE (ENGLISH) – MAJOR GENERAL LORENZO D’ADDARIO, KFOR COMMANDER “The situation is certainly and entirely a lot better, but it needs to improve even more. But when I look back at the times past that I’ve come, now I see there are institutions, there’s a democratic life. It’s still developing but it certainly has gone oceans from where we were in 1999.” 28. (07:29) SOUNDBITE (ENGLISH) – MAJOR GENERAL LORENZO D’ADDARIO, KFOR COMMANDER “Nowadays you have a different dynamic. You have children going to school, people just going on with university, business starting and trying to prosper. So this is what we want to see.” 29. (07:45) SOUNDBITE (ENGLISH) – MAJOR GENERAL LORENZO D’ADDARIO, KFOR COMMANDER “In 1999 of course there was no police, there was only an international presence. Nowadays it is a force that is manned both by Kosovo Albanians and Kosovo Serbs so it’s multi-ethnic and ensures policing in all areas of Kosovo.” 30. (08:02) SOUNDBITE (ENGLISH) – MAJOR GENERAL LORENZO D’ADDARIO, KFOR COMMANDER “Without security there cannot be a dialogue and without a dialogue we cannot get to this political solution, so very much the military will be required here until we bring to bear the ultimate political resolution.”

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