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What’s in your kit, British Tanker? (WITH SUBS)

24 Jan 2020 17:58


What do army tankers carry in their kit bags? In this piece, the question is answered by a British tank crewman serving with the King’s Royal Hussars. His regiment is deployed with NATO’s enhanced Forward Presence Battlegroup in Estonia, led by the United Kingdom. The footage includes soundbites from Lance Corporal Ashfield, King’s Royal Hussars of the British Army, and detailed close-ups of kit he carries in his bag.


Ever wondered what an army tanker carries in their kit bag? We caught up with one to ask.


--TEXT ON SCREEN-- WHAT’S IN YOUR KIT? GRAPHIC LANCE CORPORAL ASHFIELD BRITISH ARMY --SOUNDBITE—(ENGLISH) WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES Lance Corporal Ashfield, British Army “My name is Lance Corporal Ashfield of the King’s Royal Hussars and today I’m going to show you what a tank crewman carries on patrol. L22A2 carbine Extra magazines for when you are out on patrol. We’ve got a water bottle, 1L. Medical pouch for any injuries sustained whilst on patrol. CPERS kit. For any prisoners of war or CPERS [captured persons] we may encounter whilst on patrol. Rifle cleaning kit. GPS. Knife. Waterproof notebook and pens. Virtus helmet with scrim applied. Virtus body armour. ” END

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06 May 2019 12:00
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