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Air-to-air refuelling – gas stations in the sky

21 Oct 2019 09:29


For fighter pilots, few sights are as welcome as an air-to-air refuelling tanker. These flying gas stations enable pilots to stay airborne longer, fly further, and perform more complex missions. The European Air Transport Command, in cooperation with NATO, provides this service for Allied fighters. Footage includes shots of various fighter jets refuelling from French C-130 Hercules transport aircraft and of AWACS aircraft. Some of the shots were supplied by the French and Dutch Defence Ministries.


When fighter pilots need extra fuel, they turn to air-to-air refuelling tankers, their gas stations in the sky.


Two refuelling tankers in the sky -TEXT ON SCREEN- REFUELLING TANKERS ARE GAS STATIONS IN THE SKY Various shots of refuelling tankers Refuelling tanker and fighter jet TEXT - Major ‘Christian’, German Air Force -SOUNDBITE-(ENGLISH) MAJOR ‘CHRISTIAN’, GERMAN AIR FORCE “All the assets which are involved in ground fights or air-to-air fights, they have with air-to-air refuelling the ability to stay longer in theatre, which gives the forces more efficiency. It gives us a lot of advantage.” French pilot in fighter jet cockpit German refuelling aircraft and various fighter jets Various fighter jet shots -TEXT ON SCREEN- A JET CARRIES UP TO 7 TONNES OF FUEL WHICH LASTS UP TO 3 HOURS Refuelling tanker REFUELLING TANKERS CAN HOLD UP TO 16 TIMES THAT -SOUNDBITE-(ENGLISH) MAJOR CHRISTIAN, GERMAN AIR FORCE “We have a very wide range for refuelling. It goes from 5,000 feet up to 35,000 feet. The speed range goes from 200 knots up to 300 knots.” Fighter jet refuelling Cockpit shot showing French pilot Fighter jets Refuelling shot from angle of cockpit AWACS refuelling shots TANKERS ARE USED TO REFUEL A WIDE RANGE OF AIRCRAFT NATO IS WORKING WITH THE EUROPEAN UNION TO INCREASE THE CAPACITY OF EUROPEAN ALLIES IN AIR-TO-AIR REFUELLING Fighter jets fly off

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