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Exercise Breeze - Bulgaria

24 Jul 2019 16:22


The Bulgarian Navy has just wrapped up hosting an exercise that involved over 2,000 forces from 12 NATO Allies. Breeze 19 aimed to enhance interoperability among participating nations and strengthen NATO’s readiness in the Black Sea region. Two of four NATO fleets participated - Standing NATO Maritime Group Two (SNMG2) and Standing NATO Mine Countermeasures Group Two (SNMCMG2). NATO Allies taking part included Albania, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, France, Greece, Italy, Poland, Romania, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the United States. The exercise ran from 12 until 21 July 2019. This footage includes various shots from a demonstration day that was held in the port of Varna in Bulgaria, as well as soundbites from Rear Admiral Kiril Mihaylov, Commander of the Bulgarian Navy.


Watch the Bulgarian Navy put on a demonstration of naval capability during Exercise Breeze, which involved over 2,000 forces from 12 NATO Allies.


1. (00:00) VARIOUS SHOTS - DEMONSTRATION OF EXTINGUISHING A SIMULATED FIRE ON A SHIP IN VARNA PORT 2. (00:18) VARIOUS SHOTS - DEMONSTRATION OF RESCUE OPERATION AT SEA 3. (01:10) VARIOUS SHOTS - DEMONSTRATION OF ASSISTANCE TO MINISTRY OF INTERIOR IN INSPECTING A MERCHANT VESSEL, SUSPECTED OF CARRYING ILLEGAL ARMS 4. (01:20) MEDIUM SHOT - BULGARIAN NAVY CREW MEMBERS DEMONSTRATE WEAPON FIRING 5. (01:27) VARIOUS SHOTS - BULGARIAN PRIME MINISTER BOYKO BORISSOV IS TRANSPORTED TO SHIP AND HOISTED ABOARD 6. (01:46) VARIOUS SHOTS - FIGHTER JETS FLYING OVER HEAD DURING DEMONSTRATION OF COUNTERING AIR ATTACK USING ANTI-AIRCRAFT DEFENCE SYSTEM 7. (02:01) VARIOUS SHOTS – BULGARIAN SHIPS PREPARE FOR AND DEMONSTRATE LIVE FIRE AT AERIAL TARGET 8. (02:26) VARIOUS SHOTS – BULGARIAN NAVY CONDUCT BOARDING EXERCISE AND DEMONSTRATE HOW THEY APPREHEND SIMULATED SUSPECTED CRIMINALS 9. (03:08) VARIOUS SHOTS – SHIPS FROM CANADA, TURKEY, BULGARIA AND ROMANIA CONDUCT A PASSING EXERCISE 10. (04:56) VARIOUS SHOTS – BULGARIAN NAVY HELICOPTER FLIES OVERHEAD 11. (05:12) VARIOUS SHOTS – BULGARIAN FLAGS FLYING 12. (05:22) SOUNDBITE (ENGLISH) REAR ADMIRAL KIRIL MIHAYLOV, COMMANDER OF THE BULGARIAN NAVY “This exercise says that the Bulgarian Navy is a contemporary service, which is open to cooperation not only with other navies in the Black Sea but also our Allied navies in NATO. And not only that but we also work together very successfully with NGOs and governmental organisations and this makes us a very efficient organisation because without this synergy between the organisation it is very difficult to achieve the success.” 13. (05:54) SOUNDBITE (ENGLISH) REAR ADMIRAL KIRIL MIHAYLOV, COMMANDER OF THE BULGARIAN NAVY “For Bulgaria and also for European security, I believe the Black Sea is very important because we are at the borderline of the European Union and also we are at the borderline of NATO and how we defend our country equals the way we are defending NATO and Europe as well.” 14. (06:18) SOUNDBITE (ENGLISH) REAR ADMIRAL KIRIL MIHAYLOV, COMMANDER OF THE BULGARIAN NAVY “I think the effort we are putting into keeping the Black Sea calm together with our Allies, with the participation of standing NATO naval forces in the Black Sea, is a testimony that we feel secure here at our home. You can see the people on the beach and they feel happy, they don’t feel threatened, and I think that a part of this is also due to the efforts that Bulgaria and NATO does together.” END

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19 Jul 2019 12:00
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19 Jul 2019 12:00
Varna, Bulgaria
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