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Camo paint tutorial

23 Jul 2019 13:38


Meet the men and women who work every day for NATO. From soldiers to scientists, cyber experts to civilian emergency responders, NATO members are committed to supporting and protecting each other. Private First Class Elva Karzova of the Latvian Army talks you through the stages of applying camouflage face paint in a 1-minute video tutorial. Effective use of military camouflage paint means breaking up the visual patterns of the human face – applying dark paint where light hits the face (cheekbones, chin), and light paint where the face is shadowed (eyes). Elva shows you how, with a few fingers of paint, she can blend into her surroundings. Interview in English.


A face paint tutorial with a twist: learn how to use camouflage paint to blend into your surroundings, army-style.


Karzova applying paint --SOUNDBITE (ENGLISH)-- Private First Class Elva Karzova, Latvian Land Forces ‘I’m Private First Class Elva Karzova. And this is a camouflage paint tutorial. First colour we put is black. On our forehead, cheek, nose, jawline, because these are the lightest places of the face. Now we’re going on to the green one. With the green one we actually break the contours of the face. Here. The jawline is a really big contour. And maybe a little bit of forehead. We need to break contours because there are no sharp edges in the nature. The main mistake is forgetting your ears and your neck. Next up we go to the brown, to blend everything out. So when you're done, you shouldn't have any white spots on your face. When I've done all this, I can use the environment and my surroundings to my advantage.”

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