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Exercise Sea Breeze 2019

17 Jul 2019 14:53


Naval forces from 19 nations, including 15 NATO Allies, recently gathered on the Black Sea for Exercise Sea Breeze 2019, co-led by the United States and Ukraine. The exercise, in its 19th iteration, is designed to enhance interoperability among participating nations and strengthen regional security by focusing on a variety of scenarios played out on land, at sea and in the air. It ran from 1 to 12 July 2019. Standing NATO Maritime Group 2 took part in the exercise. SNMG2, as it’s known, is made up of vessels from various NATO nations. This footage was taken aboard two vessels from the group - the Canadian frigate HMCS Toronto, which is the flagship for SNMG2, and the Turkish frigate TCG Turgutreis. The b-roll includes general views of exercise activities plus soundbites from the SNMG2 Commander, Commodore Josée Kurtz (Royal Canadian Navy), and the Commander of TCG Turgutreis, Lieutenant Colonel Burak Akgül (Turkish Navy).


Nineteen nations, 15 of them NATO Allies, recently took part in an exercise designed to strengthen security in the Black Sea region.


1. (00:00) WIDE SHOT – TURKISH SHIP TCG TURGUTREIS ALONGSIDE SNMG2 FLAGSHIP HMCS TORONTO AS THEY SAIL THROUGH THE BLACK SEA 2. (00:09) CLOSE SHOT – DOLPHINS JUMP ALONGSIDE TURKISH SHIP TCG TURGUTREIS 3. (00:19) CLOSE SHOT – CANADIAN CREW MEMBERS LOAD WEAPON AND LOOK THROUGH BINOCULARS ON BOARD HMCS TORONTO 4. (00:25) WIDE SHOT – ROMANIAN SPECIAL OPERATIONS TROOPS APPROACH AND EMBARK HMCS TORONTO DURING BOARDING EXERCISE 5. (00:47) VARIOUS SHOTS – ROMANIAN SPECIAL OPERATIONS TROOPS CONDUCT SEARCH EXERCISES ONBOARD HMCS TORONTO, LOOKING FOR SIMULATED CONTRABAND 6. (01:34) VARIOUS SHOTS – SUNSET SHOT OF CANADIAN CREW MEMBER LOOKING OUT AT THE BLACK SEA 7. (01:40) VARIOUS SHOTS – NIGHTTIME RED LIGHTS ON BOARD HMCS TORONTO 8. (01:56) VARIOUS SHOTS – CANADIAN CREW MEMBER WORKING IN THE HMCS TORONTO CONTROL ROOM AT NIGHT 9. (02:07) CLOSE SHOT – CANADIAN CH-148 CYCLONE HELICOPTER TAKING OFF FROM HMCS TORONTO FLIGHT DECK 10. (02:18) CLOSE SHOT - CANADIAN CREW MEMBER LOOKING THROUGH BINOCULARS ONBOARD HMCS TORONTO 11. (02:21) VARIOUS SHOTS – SNMG2 COMMANDER COMMODORE JOSÉE KURTZ ONBOARD HMCS TORONTO 12. (02:51) CLOSE SHOT – CANADIAN CREW MEMBER LOGGING SHIP’S MOVEMENTS ON HMCS TORONTO BRIDGE WINDOW 13. (02:58) WIDE SHOT – BRITISH SHIP HMS DUNCAN IN THE BLACK SEA 14. (03:06) VARIOUS SHOTS – CANADIAN HMCS TORONTO FIRES DURING GUNNERY EXERCISE 15. (03:21) CLOSE SHOT – TURKISH CREW MEMBER ONBOARD TCG TURGUTREIS OBSERVES THE BLACK SEA HORIZON 16. (03:29) WIDE SHOT – TURKISH SHIP TCG TURGUTREIS COMMUNICATION SYSTEM 17. (03:35) CLOSE UP – TURKISH FLAG BLOWING IN THE WIND 18. (03:40) CLOSE UP – NATO FLAG BLOWING IN THE WIND 19. (03:44) WIDE SHOT - TCG TURGUTREIS DECK 20. (03:56) WIDE SHOT - US SHIP USS CARNEY AS VIEWED FROM TURKISH SHIP TCG TURGUTREIS 21. (04:00) VARIOUS SHOTS – TURKISH CREW MEMBERS MOVE AROUND INSIDE OF TCG TURGUTREIS 22. (04:07) VARIOUS SHOTS – TURKISH CREW MEMBERS ON THE BRIDGE OF TCG TURGUTREIS 23. (04:30) VARIOUS SHOTS – TURKISH CREW MEMBERS CONDUCT EMERGENCY FIRE TRAINING ON BOARD TCG TURGUTREIS 24. (04:59) WIDE SHOT - US SHIP USS CARNEY 25. (05:04) WIDE SHOT – ROMANIAN SHIP REGELE FERDINAND 26. (05:19) WIDE SHOT – CANADIAN SHIP HMCS TORONTO 27. (05:27) WIDE SHOT – ROMANIAN SHIP REGELE FERDINAND AT SUNSET 28. (05:38) WIDE SHOT – SUNSET OVER THE BLACK SEA 29. (05:66) SOUNDBITE (ENGLISH) – SNMG2 COMMANDER, COMMODORE JOSÉE KURTZ, ROYAL CANADIAN NAVY “It’s important to operate here in the Black Sea because we have three Allies and two partners of NATO whose coastline is in the Black Sea. So much like NATO patrols the North Atlantic, where we do have Allies and the Mediterranean area, where we also do have Allies, it’s crucial that we come and show a presence in this area to show solidarity to our Allies and partners who are faced with significant strategic challenges in this area of the world.” 30. (06:15) SOUNDBITE (ENGLISH) - TCG TURGUTREIS COMMANDER, CAPTAIN BURAK AKGÜL, TURKISH NAVY “For SNMG2, especially for the Black Sea deployment we have the experience to be at the Black Sea. For me I think we have the largest knowledge of how to be, how to navigate in the Black Sea. So I can say that firstly we bring our experience with us and secondly we bring the capability of this ship and also an onboard helicopter with us. 31. (06:47) SOUNDBITE (ENGLISH) - TCG TURGUTREIS COMMANDER, CAPTAIN BURAK AKGÜL, TURKISH NAVY “Turkey is a consistent member of NATO since more than 50 years. As you know Turkey is one of the first members of NATO as well. From this long time period, the Turkish navy is always in support of NATO’s naval forces, both SNMG2 and SNMG1 and the previous SNMGs as well. So today Turkey is still maintaining this posture of supporting NATO forces with all possible means in the Navy aspect.”

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09 Jul 2019 12:00
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12 Jul 2019 12:00
Off the coast of Ukraine, Black Sea
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