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Festive film showing NATO troops deployed to Estonia

18 Dec 2018 15:34


In a workshop in Estonia, a British Army mechanic works on a vehicle as snow falls heavily outside. He is counting down the days to Christmas. Unbeknown to him, his colleagues have a surprise in store. They have festooned the vehicle he is working on in Christmas lights, and surprise him with a mince pie. This piece was filmed in Tapa, Estonia, the home of one of NATO’s Battlegroups. Footage contains various shots of the interior of a mechanics workshop in Tapa, Estonia.


NATO would like to thank all the troops away from home this holiday season. Wherever you are, happy holidays!


TEXT ON SCREEN DECEMBER 2018 ESTONIA British Army vehicle driving through snow Small Christmas decoration swinging from vehicle interior mirror British Army mechanic sweeping floor in garage Mechanic crossing off his calendar, tonight is Christmas eve British Army drives into garage, drivers get out and pass vehicle keys to the mechanic Mechanic starts work underneath vehicle The drivers secretly begin decorating the vehicle while the mechanic works Mechanic puts out hand expecting to be handed a tool, instead he is surprised with a traditional Christmas mince pie The vehicle lights up covered in bright Christmas lights. Male and female soldiers laugh and celebrate Drivers put Christmas hat on mechanic who smiles TEXT ON SCREEN WE ARE TOGETHER WE ARE NATO

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30 Nov 2018 12:00
Tapa Army Base, Estonia
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