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Northern Challenge 2018

10 Oct 2018 17:08


Exercise Northern Challenge 2018 pitted Counter-Improvised Explosive Device (C-IED) experts from 16 NATO Allies against a series of complex problems, requiring the Explosive Ordnance Disposal technicians to use skill and experience to disarm more than 500 improvised bombs. More than 300 personel conducted the exercise near in Keflavik Air Base in Iceland in September 2018. The training involved both sea and land-based operations. Footage includes shots of EOD operators disarming simulated IEDs, drone shots of the Icelandic coastline and interviews with the exercise leader and a U.S. Air Force EOD expert.


In Iceland, explosive ordnance disposal experts from 16 NATO countries test their mettle against more than 500 simulated improvised explosive devices – some of the deadliest weapons in modern warfare.


1. (00:00) CLOSE UPS x3 OF BELGIAN EOD TECHNICIAN PUTTING ON BOMBSUIT HELMET 2. (00:22) WIDE SHOT OF EOD TECHNICIAN WALKING ALONG PIER IN BOMBSUIT 3. (00:31) MEDIUM SHOT OF EOD TECHNICIAN WALKING PAST CAMERA IN BOMBSUIT 4. (00:36) MEDIUM SHOT OF EOD TECHNICIAN WORKING IN BOMBSUIT 5. (00:40) WIDE SHOT OF EOD TECHNICIAN WALKING ALONG PIER IN BOMBSUIT 6. (00:47) MEDIUM SHOT OF EOD TECHNICIAN WALKING ALONG PIER IN BOMBSUIT 7. (00:57) MEDIUM SHOT OF EOD TECHNICIAN WORKING IN BOMBSUIT 8. (01:09) CLOSE UP OF EOD TECHNICIAN LOOKING AT MONITOR FROM EOD ROBOT 9. (01:15) CLOSE UP OF EOD TECHNICIAN WORKING ON SIMULATED IED 10. (01:20) MEDIUM SHOT OF EOD ROBOT DRIVING AND TURNING 11. (01:37) MEDIUM SHOT OF EOD TECHNICIAN WALKING TO VEHICLE 12. (01:46) CLOSE UP ON EOD ROBOT CAMERA MONITOR 13. (01:50) MEDIUM SHOT OF EOD TECHNICIANS OBSERVING MONITORS 14. (01:57) EOD TECHNICIAN LOOKING THROUGH BINOCULARS 15. (02:06) EOD TECHNICIANS DISCUSSING PLAN OF ACTION 16. (02:10) CLOSE UP ON EOD TECHNICIAN LOOKING AT MONITOR 17. (02:17) EOD TECHNICIAN SHOUTING ‘FIRE IN THE HOLE’ AND PRESSING CHARGE BUTTON 18. (02:30) MEDIUM SHOT OF EOD TECHNICIAN IN BOMB SUIT WALKING x2 19. (02:44) CLOSE UP ON EOD TECHNICIAN IN BOMBSUIT EXAMINING SIMULATED IED 20. (02:54) MOVING SHOT OF NORTHERN CHALLENGE 2018 COMMAND CENTRE 21. (03:05) DRONE SHOTS OF ICELANDIC COAST GUARD SHIP IN HARBOUR x3 22. (03:03) DRONE SHOTS OF ICELANDIC COASTLINE x3 23. (04:27) SOUNDBITE (ENGLISH) – LIEUTENANT COMMANDER SEAN HEATON, ROYAL NAVY, MULTINATIONAL EOD COMMANDING OFFICER “Northern Challenge in 2018 is 16 nations with 24 teams, operating in the land and maritime search environments, utilizing 500 bombs that we utilize over two tasks per day and to deliver that the exercise has got 300 personnel split between 150 operators and 150 support personnel. Because we have these shared values and similar operating practices, it enables us to be able to come together and be one task group force to act on behalf of NATO, and that’s why we train together.” 9. (05:07) SOUNDBITE (ENGLISH) – STAFF SERGEANT JAMESON BAEHLER, UNITED STATES AIR FORCE, 786TH SQUADRON “So the scenarios here in Iceland that we perform are based off of previous tasks, of found IEDs in the past and the TTPs that we perform are what we have used in the past so they’re very realistic scenarios, they go very in-depth and very time-consuming. But that’s why we get together so we can all accomplish it effectively and efficiently. It’s very relevant in today’s world, unfortunately, we do have events that happen all the time all around the world and we have to be ready for that. “

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