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Meet NATO’s Very High Readiness Joint Task Force

04 Sep 2018 16:15


In the event of a crisis, NATO turns to its Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (VJTF), a rapidly deployable, multinational force capable of quickly bringing air, land, maritime and Special Operations forces to bear. The VJTF will play a critical role in Trident Juncture 2018, a large NATO exercise involving some 40,000 troops from more than 30 nations. This video features the German Army’s 9th Armoured Brigade, which will lead the VJTF in 2019, and Norway’s Telemark Battalion, which will also participate in the VJTF starting next year. The United Kingdom currently leads the VJTF, which is staffed by Allies on a rotational basis. Shots: German armour crossing a river via ferry; Norwegian troops engaging in close-quarters urban combat. Soundbites from Brigadier General Ulrich Spannuth, who will lead the VJTF’s land component in 2019, and Norwegian Capt. Brage Reinaas.


Meet NATO’s quick reaction force, the Very High Readiness Joint Task Force.


Norwegian soldiers vault over a wall TEXT ON SCREEN MEET THE VERY HIGH READINESS JOINT TASK FORCE Various slow-mo shots of Norwegian and German troops in combat training Drone shots of German Marder infantry fighting vehicle loading onto ferry Slow-mo shots: Norwegian troops running through smoke TEXT ON SCREEN NATO’S QUICK REACTION FORCE German troops advancing in a line along a wall Norwegian troops blow open a door and enter a building A German soldier picks up his rifle and moves out Shot of Belgian F-16 Fighting Falcons in flight Shot of an Italian frigate underway TEXT ON SCREEN RAPIDLY DEPLOYABLE ON LAND, IN THE AIR AND AT SEA Portrait of a Norwegian soldier looking down his rifle GRAPHIC Brig Gen Ullrich Spannuth (GER) Commander, VJTF Land Component –SOUNDBITE— (English) Brig Gen Ullrich Spannuth “The VJTF is a highly capable, multinational and robust fighting force which is prepared to react on behalf of NATO on any crisis, wherever it may occur.” Shots of German soldiers loading a raft onto a tank Shots of Dutch infantry patrolling through the snow in Lithuania Slow-mo shots: German troops moving through woods, Norwegian troops moving through urban environment Slow-mo shots of German troops springing into action TEXT ON SCREEN 8000 SOLDIERS FROM 9 NATIONS A German Marder loads onto a ferry TEXT ON SCREEN READY TO MOVE WITHIN 48 HOURS GRAPHIC Capt Brage Reinaas (NOR) Telemark Battalion –SOUNDBITE— (English) Capt Brage Reinaas “So it’s for us a natural thing to support other Allies and the VJTF is a part of the collective defence of Europe. It’s our responsibility to show up when we are called upon.” Slow-mo shots of Norwegian troops Shots of Norwegian Leopard II Main Battle Tanks END

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21 Feb 2018 12:00
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15 May 2018 12:00
Eystrup, Germany; Marnehuizen, Netherlands; Rukla, Lithuania
Germany, Netherlands, Lithuania
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